Security should be an enabler, not a roadblock. Cloudentity allows you to include the latest security measures in your DevOps CI/CD flow to deliver a safe customer experience.

Speed to launch

Get pre-built and pre-tested microservices focused on protecting your app, ready to be included in your CI/CD flow.

Easy to use

When you choose the right service, API calls can quickly be included in your code via an easy-to-use GUI or simple orchestration guides.

Completely secure

Cloudentity augments your existing security architecture by building a microperimeter that assures authentication and API security at the microservice level.


Through RESTful interfaces, Cloudentity secures your microservices and the applications that use them whether they run on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


Ensure that the right people, services, and things have the right access to the right resources in the right ways. With Cloudentity, you also have the ability to prove all those “rights” to the people that need to know.


Ensure that the microservice business logic executes properly, data accuracy is maintained, protected data remains protected, and that you can prove it to the people that need to know.


Have confidence that the data you exchange with other services and organizations via APIs remains secure.


Use behavioral machine learning to deliver continuous adaptive authentication, authorization and relationship management between users, services, and things.


Cloudentity was created to protect your cloud-native applications and all our services come prebuilt, pretested, and security reviewed.

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Cloudentity offers an flexible, industry-leading pricing model based on the number of services you have deployed, not the number of users. 

Explore our subscription options today and choose what works for you.


We recognize that cloud-first security spans multiple domains. That’s why Cloudentity integrates with a wide variety of security and identity technologies and has formed partnerships with major industry leaders.

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