Security should be an enabler, not a roadblock. Cloudentity allows you to include the latest security measures in your DevOps CI/CD flow. By decoupling API, microservice, and container security from the business function, customers are experiencing a 35% reduction in development time, reducing time to market.

First DevOps Security Tool

The market has lacked a tool that allows development teams to natively protect business workloads. Cloudentity addresses security in a microservices or service mesh approach in a way that supports an end-to-end DevSecOps model.

Always Put Security First

Organizations can no longer afford to treat security as an afterthought. It’s cheaper and easier to build security in from the start. Using Cloudentity allows security to be automated and easily dropped into development pipelines.

Cloudentity Is Your Security Engineer

It’s been said that if you’re doing continuous integration and continuous development, then you have to make sure everyone is a security engineer. By offloading the transactional security to Cloudentity, development teams can focus on functionality and leave the security to us.


Through RESTful interfaces, Cloudentity secures your microservices and the applications that use them whether they run on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Security Made Easy

Offload the transactional security requirements needed to provide inspection, authentication, and authorization to Cloudentity microservices and functions. This frees up development teams to focus on product-specific functionality in a truly DevSecOps manner.

At the Ready

Get pre-built and pre-tested microservices focused on protecting your app, ready to be included in your CI/CD flow, ensuring that security is no longer an afterthought.

Easy to Use

The microservices and API calls can quickly be included in your code via an easy-to-use GUI or simple orchestration guides.

Completely Secure

Use behavioral machine learning to deliver continuous adaptive authentication, authorization, and relationship management between users, services, and things.


The MicroPerimeter™ provides fine-grained security policies supporting authentication and authorization for traffic originating from all services, users, and devices. It can be used for individual services in the cloud or a hybrid environment.

Unlike Anything Else

Unlike a centralized API gateway, the MicroPerimeter™ protects one microservice or small domain of microservices.


The MicroPerimeter™ has a pluggable architecture that enables each incoming request and outgoing response to be subject to custom transformation performed by configurable plugins.


The MicroPerimeter™ handles utility security requirements such as: strong authentication of services and users, dynamic coarse- and fine-grained authorization, OAuth, SAML, OIDC, transaction throttling, TLS, secret off-load, brute-force protection, service discovery, service configuration, and more.

Powerful Yet Modest

The MicroPerimeter™ is scalable and won’t cause code bloat. Its tiny size allows it to be deployed with every service instance or used as a sidecar.


Cloudentity was created to protect your cloud-native applications, and all our services come pre-built, pre-tested, and security reviewed.

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A major advantage of Cloudentity’s microservice architecture is how well it can work with security and identity platforms already in use.

Most security and identity platforms are largely still monoliths themselves, preventing them from participating effectively in microservice environments. Despite that, it may not be optimal to have users establish a new identity or to change to a new authentication workflow.

With Cloudentity, organizations are able to choose what microservices they need. If only the MicroPerimeter™ is needed to offload transactional security through authentication and authorization, yet there is an existing identity platform to leverage for user management, that can be done.


We recognize that cloud-first security spans multiple domains. That’s why Cloudentity integrates with a wide variety of security and identity technologies and has formed partnerships with major industry leaders.

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