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Security is now in the continuous integration delivery flow.

Developer Self Service

By moving identity, access, and behavior analytics out of the application code and into "security as code" services, developers can deliver high quality and high security code quickly and easily. Agility builds business, security builds trust.

Security as a Microservice

DevOps teams move at speed. Hackers move at speed. Security must move at speed. Cloudentity envelops applications, APIs, and data in micro-perimeters and manages the exchanges between those micro-perimeters to maintain resiliency and compliance.

Leverage Existing Security Plane

Leverage evolving infrastructure, platform, and security capabilities without creating technical debt within your applications. Cloudentity replaces non-core, but necessary code dependencies with secure microservice calls.


How Microservices Can Improve Your IAM Strategy

by Doug Simmons, Nick Nikols, and Gary Rowe

This highly actionable report provides a context for approaching microservices as an increasingly important part of an enterprise identity management strategy.

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"One of the most seamless, most incredibly smooth enhanced security enrollment experiences with multifactor authentication…I’ve ever seen. Absolutely AWESOME!"

— Brian Moore, SIC Architect

“Cloudentity provided the robust platform and security expertise creating a major layer of security for our cloud IOT products.”

— Don Vendetti, CEO at Evluma

Identity is the foundation of security

Ensure that the right people, services, and things, have the right access, to the right resources, in the right ways, and that you can prove all those "rights" to the people that need to know.

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Security for all transactions

Have confidence that the data you exchange with other services and organizations via APIs remains secure.

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Verify, secure, and protect all transactions

Ensure that the microservice business logic executes properly, data accuracy is maintained, protected data remains protected, and that you can prove it to the people that need to know.

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Adapt security posture based on rich analytics

Use behavioral machine learning to deliver continuous adaptive authentication, authorization and relationship management between users, services, and things.

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Gartner names Cloudentity a “cool vendor”

“Cool Vendors in Identity and Fraud Management, 2017” Gartner, Inc. Report by Jonathan Care, Tricia Phillips, and Felix Gaehtgens on May 24, 2017.

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