Cloudentity allows software to talk to other software safely. Solving the issue of APIs gone wild by securing all API traffic end to end. Our API Security is delivered through Microservices that drastically reduce application-owners time to market by offloading cybersecurity and identity requirements allowing developers to focus on game changing business applications in a comprehensive DevSecOps manner.

Tame your API Wildlife

Cloudentity provides fine-grained security policies supporting authentication and authorization for traffic originating from all services, users, and things. In addition to a full audit trail that ensures you’re not only able to secure and tame all APIs but you’re always able to trace them to their origin.

Enter the MicroPerimeter™

The Cloudentity MicroPerimeter™ allows you to establish rules and policies for individual services or a small set of containerized services. Allowing only authorized connections and denying everything else in a simple and scalable manner. Protecting the datacenter from the inside out.

Zero Trust from the Ground Up

Cloudentity offers the world’s only solution that supports authentication, authorization, and a complete audit trail for everything and EVERY transaction. It’s the first adaptive risk-based authorization engine for all services, users, and things.