A New Chapter Unfolds: SecureAuth Announces Acquisition of Cloudentity |Read more
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A New Chapter Unfolds:

SecureAuth Announces Acquisition of Cloudentity

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Identity for B2B Apps

Reducing onboarding friction is crucial for user conversion.

and SSO


Let users authenticate with enterprise providers like Microsoft or AWS to increase security and minimize friction.

Passwordless Authentication

Provide experience and security that your customers need.

Branding and Customization

Make your page look like part of your application.

About Sign In and SSO

Delegated Administration

All you need to offload management to your business accounts and partners.

Administrator in every organization will be able to do/adjust:

User Management

Invite new and manage existing users.

Organization Details

Change account details defined in the organization schema.

User Sign-in

Control how organization users sign-in and set up SSO.

API Integration

Add applications for API integration.

About Delegated Administration

Access Management

Roles and Permissions

Create roles and permissions and assign them to users.

Fine-grained Access

Gain more users quickly by letting them share resources and enabling collaboration.

Authorization for Apps and APIs


OAuth Authorization

OAuth as a Service

Consumer authorization flows start with OAuth. Issue tokens to clients after successful authentication and authorization.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Enable users to authorize individual transactions and add fine-grained consent to let them authorize third-party access to discrete resources.


Utilize various OAuth and OIDC extensions to optimize user experience and enhance the security of your platform.

About OAuth Authorization

Policy Engine


Transition authorization from application code to decisive authorization policies. Utilize localized policy decision and enforcement points.

Enforcement layers

Apply authorization policies at every application level.

Policy Declaration

Enable dynamic access control decisions based on a myriad of attributes like user roles, current location, and much more. Author policies in REGO or using Visual Editor.

About Policy-Based Access Control

API Authorizers

Dedicated Gateway Authorizer

Integrate a dedicated authorizer with your gateway for rich, locally enforced, and centrally managed distributed authorization.

Service Mesh

Fortify your zero-trust model by embedding API authorization into your Istio Service Mesh.

Centralized Policy Configuration

Allocate authorization policies effortlessly and govern API authorization from token minting to endpoint policy enforcement.

About Distributed API Authorization

Open Finance Enabler

Fast-track your Open Finance compliance journey!

Security Profiles

Multiple Compliance Profiles

Ready to use Security Profiles including: OB UK, FDX, OB Brazil, CDR, KSA, FAPI 2.0, and more.

Financial-Grade Authorization Server

Multi-tenant OAuth server for Financial Institutions with elevated data security and data sharing requirements.

API Authorization for Financial Institutions

Protect Open Finance Data APIs with rich, locally enforced, and centrally managed authorization.

About Compliance Profiles

Consent APIs

Enable customers to grant and manage their data-sharing consents. Build consent apps quickly.

Consent Screen

Enable customers to make a fully-informed decision whether to approve or deny a data sharing request.

Consent Self-Service Portal

Empower users with a possibility to review and manage their authorizations.

Consent Administrator Portal

Manage the arrangements on behalf of consumers.


Sandbox & Quickstart

Spin up dockerized Open Finance Sandbox and get familiar with the Open Finance Flows.

Consent Screens

Reduce your Time-to-Market with a brandable Consent Screen.

Mock Bank & Third Party Provider

Explore Open Finance User Journeys using mock financial institution and a third-party provider application.