Versatile Platform for Contemporary Challenges

Employ Cloudentity for Identity, Authorization, and Open Finance Usecases.

Certifiably Dedicated to Open Standards

Check out all certifications and supported open standards.

OpenID & OAuth

30+ certifications making Cloudentity ideal choice for secure Open Data exchanges


FAPI compliance for Open Finance, Open Banking, and Open Data ecosystems

eKYC & Identity Assurance

Fundamental OpenID compliance for building Digital Identity ecosystems

Consent Compliance

CDR, FDX, Brazil Open Finance, and more consent profiles


Open Policy Agent's REGO policies

Fine-Grained Authorization

Zanzibar-based permissions, Rich Authorization Requests, and more.


For organizations with unique workflows, Cloudentity offers customizable extension hooks throughout the platform and webhooks to seamlessly integrate with external services and meet your specific needs.

Extension Scripts

Execute JavaScript extension scripts within a secure, isolated environment. Compose, test, and refine scripts using an intuitive IDE-style editor.

Retrieve data from or send data to external systems, enrich token claims, enhance users' attributes, modify the login flow for users, and more.



Integrate third-party apps with Cloudentity events, like Open Banking consents or data access requests.

Notify external systems by sending webhooks to designated URLs.

SaaS or Own Deployment - Your Pick

Flexible deployment models for every business needs.

Cloudentity as a Service - SaaS

Seamlessly operated and managed software solution accessible online.

We take care of the ifrastracture, security enhancements, scaling, and continuous updates, ensuring you reap the benefits without the operational hassle.

Public SaaS

SaaS solution accessible online to multiple customers/organizations.

Private SaaS

Cloudentity offers an exclusive SaaS experience tailored for individual customers.


Self-Managed Cloudentity

Deploy, host, maintain, operate, and scale our software within your very own data center or cloud infrastructure.


While you maintain control over your setup and operations, we ensure access to the latest updates.

Hybrid SaaS

Merge the benefits of our SaaS and Customer Deployed models. Choose any mix of Public SaaS, Private SaaS, and Customer Deployed, balancing our hosting convenience with your deployment freedom.


Built to scale, our platform caters to companies at any stage, providing steadfast support from startup inception to enterprise success.

Be it tens of users or hundreds of millions, our solution efficiently scales with you.

Be prepared for any eventuality with our platform's effective handling of high-traffic spikes, ensuring uninterrupted operations.